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Elite Chiropractic in Bozeman welcomes people of all ages to a warm, friendly practice that truly cares about your well-being. No matter your condition, we are here to work with you to find a lasting solution to your discomfort. We want to get you out of pain as quickly as we can and keep you feeling good as long as we are able.

Our new-patient process is straightforward and thorough. Become a patient in only one simple visit!

New Patients Welcome in Bozeman

Your initial appointment with us will last about one hour from start to finish. During this time, you will be personally greeted by Dr. Garner and asked to fill out a series of intake paperwork. You will then be brought back for a non-invasive, in-depth physical examination. This information will help Dr. Garner gain a clearer understanding of your condition and what he can do to help.

Once Dr. Garner has a better idea of your individual needs, he will move forward with your plan of care. He will start by introducing you to either the E-Stim machine or a type of hot or cold therapy. X-rays will be taken prior to these modalities if need be. To conclude your first visit with us, Dr. Garner will perform an individualized chiropractic adjustment.


Ongoing Visits

Unlike your initial appointment, ongoing visits will be no longer than 20 minutes in duration. They will include a short assessment of your progress and a specific chiropractic adjustment. Be sure to communicate with Dr. Garner regarding any new developments in your condition when you come in for care.

Some people believe that if they come to the chiropractor once, then they have to come forever. This is not true. Dr. Garner wants to help resolve your problem and get you on your way. While he is always available for maintenance care, he does not require lifelong commitment to join his practice.

Elite Chiropractic is ready to help get you on the up-and-up. Contact our practice to get started!

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