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Welcome to Elite Chiropractic located at 1351 Stoneridge Drive Suite B-1 in Bozeman, MT. We understand that choosing a chiropractor is a big decision. This article will help you learn the basics of chiropractic care. Please don't hesitate to contact our Bozeman chiropractors with any further questions you have. We are here to help you achieve your goals.

Bozeman Chiropractor Dr. Jeff Garner understands what it feels like to live with aches and pains. Having worked in manual labor for 20 years prior to becoming a chiropractor, he can relate to unmanageable physical distress. Dr. Garner cares for his community in a way that allows them to do what they love and do it pain-free. Through Elite Chiropractic, he offers compassionate, straightforward chiropractic care to people of all ages and conditions.

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Our Patient Community

We invite everyone in need to become a part of our practice. Dr. Garner is happy to help patients young, old, and in between live free of pain. Regardless of your age or lifestyle - Dr. Garner is here for you!

While Dr. Garner is glad to provide general care, he specializes in working with athletic people. His knowledge and expertise regarding sports injuries and the physical demand of frequent physical activity helps him provide outstanding care to athletes of all levels.


The Power of an Optimally Functioning Nervous System

As everything in the body is controlled by the nervous system you want it to be functioning at its peak. When there's interference in your nervous system, you'll experience everything from pain to reduced range of motion and function. Your immune system won't be able to operate as it should and you might find yourself getting sick more often.

The good news is chiropractic care is a natural and non-invasive way to remove nerve interference so your body can perform at its best. Whether you're an avid cyclist, rock climber, CrossFitter, or runner, chiropractic can help you perform at your athletic best. Or perhaps you're a digital nomad or remote worker who spends lots of time sitting at your computer. Chiropractic care can help improve your posture and your ergonomic habits.

Our Bozeman Chiropractor Dr. Garner provides customized chiropractic adjustments (both manual and instrument-assisted ones) to help alleviate pain, restore nerve function, and allow you to maintain optimal health and wellness.

And because chiropractic is completely natural, you won't have to rely on OTC or prescription medication to get pain relief. Those just mask symptoms but chiropractic care gets to the root cause and allows you to experience relief and healing.


Affordable Care

For your convenience, our practice happily accepts most major insurances, including Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Allegiance, and PacificSource. We are glad to answer any questions you might have about your specific coverage.
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In addition to general chiropractic care, we provide specific care to people of a wide range of activity levels.


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We provide custom foot orthotics to ensure increased comfort and encourage lasting chiropractic adjustments.


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